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Now You Can Wear The Gym!

The Reduxx TrimSuit can help with weight loss, athletic performance and overall health and well-being. Just wear the TrimSuit!

For only $199

Revolutionary Workout!

Don't Change, Change Into The TrimSuit!

Worn by itself or underneath your clothes, the TrimSuit has weights strategically placed to promote weight loss and exercise while doing your normal everyday activities. Used in addition to your daily routine, the TrimSuit can help you stay toned!


Scientists and sports professionals agree that adding resistance training to your workouts produces enormous benefits ...

Enhance Your Training about fitness

Weight Loss

The headlines are alarming: People across the nation are growing in girth and decreasing their physical activity...

Lose More Weight about weight loss

How it Works

As you add weight to your body, your muscles put in extra work for support, which mean more calories are burned to...

Burn More Calories about how the trimsuit works


The Reduxx TrimSuit’s ingenious design enables anyone to incorporate resistance training into their current routines to enjoy ...

Get More Fitabout the benefits of the trimsuit

Revolutionary Design & Effectiveness

TrimSuit Benefits

  • Saves busy people time
  • Burns more calories
  • Lose weight doing everyday activities
  • Enhances athletic performance
  • Increased endurance
  • Moves your workout to the next level
  • Improves your overall health


"When I'm jumping rope, when I'm doing the body-weight exercises or shadow boxing in the back, it makes me more explosive, burn more calories, help me tone up. It's really beneficial."
- RICH VAN HOUTEN, MMA fighter and personal trainer

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