TrimSuit & Household ChoresWhen people hear about generic weighted suits or see infomercials about similar products, many of them do not offer undivided attention. Part of the reason is because they feel the suits are for those who are serious about losing weight.

Let’s be honest, losing weight takes dedication and a lot of time that some people just don’t have. With the Reduxx TrimSuit, however, losing weight can be as simple as pushing a vacuum or watering the garden. Our revolutionary weighted suit is designed to serve as a gym in itself. In other words, when you’re wearing the TrimSuit, you’re wearing your gym.

The TrimSuit is specially designed to fit as a lightweight, stylish suit that you can wear either around the house performing chores or running routine errands around the city. Whatever task you’re doing, the TrimSuit intensifies the movement to where it tells the body it is receiving a workout. Doing the laundry in the TrimSuit can be equivalent of a regular workout!

Give the Reduxx TrimSuit a try today, and knock off unwanted pounds by simply doing your regular chores. For more information, give us a call, or visit us online today.

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