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The cold of winter combines with holiday feasting to cause unsightly weight gain. Many people respond by adopting the latest fad diet to shed those extra pounds before warmed weather arrives, but these are difficult to follow and can cause side effects, including weight rebound. The sure way to get rid of the holiday bulge in time for summer is with exercise, and the Reduxx TrimSuit can help this effort along.

Adding Resistance to Everyday Activities

Whether it is walking the dogs in the morning or those frequent trips to the office copier, you are burning calories. The ticket to weight loss is to burn more than is consumed in the day. One way to help is by eating fewer calories, but restrictive diets are hard to follow and can be bad for your health. Cutting back is easier, and it is also easy to increase the amount of calories burned during the daily routine. The weighted suit has the extra resistance built in, so burning extra calories is a foregone conclusion.

More Powerful Exercise

Those weekly workouts at the gym can take precious time away from socializing with friends and spending quality time with the family. With the aid of the resistance training suit, you will burn more calories and build lean muscle faster with the same amount of time on the treadmill. When it comes to resistance training, those anaerobic workouts will pack more of a punch as well. Whether for endurance or strength, the extra weight added to pivotal points of the body will require a corresponding increase in muscle workload.

The suit is conveniently made to be worn either alone or under clothing with none the wiser. This makes the Reduxx TrimSuit perfect for augmenting workouts and turning the daily routine into an exercise program. The whole suit or just the weighted vest can be chosen for different activities and workouts. To learn more about this opportunity, call us at 1-800-434-3344.