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With the Reduxx TrimSuit, the weighted body suit sweeping the nation, losing weight and gaining control of your life has never been easier. Staying healthy and building muscle is on the top of everyone’s to-do list these days, but unfortunately not all of us have the time to work a workout into our schedule. Between school, work, and kids, there is always something that can distract us from the gym. Luckily, with the TrimSuit, simple everyday activities can be made into a rigorous workout. Below is a short video of the suit in action.

A healthier body and lifestyle starts with the Reduxx TrimSuit. Don’t delay, pick up yours today. For additional information, or to order a suit in whatever size you want, give us a call at 1-800-434-3344 or visit us online today.

When it comes to losing weight and staying fit, adding the Reduxx TrimSuit to your daily routine is a wise choice. The additional weights provided by the suit are not only beneficial for those who want to build muscle and stay healthy, but it’s a great tool for those competitive athletes who are looking for a boost in strength and endurance.

Whether you are a die-hard marathon runner, or you are training for your first 5K, adding the Reduxx TrimSuit to your training schedule can give you the boost you need. By increasing resistance training and adding additional weight, athletes become faster, stronger, and experience a significant increase in endurance. This suit can also be utilized by any sport from baseball to gymnastics.

The Reduxx TrimSuit can be worn by anyone – competitive athletes, housewives, and even couch potatoes! So, if you are looking to add weight and resistance training to your daily workout, or you simply want to burn some calories during your usual routine, the Reduxx TrimSuit is the perfect way to stay fit.

To begin living a healthier life, give us a call today at 1-800-434-3344 or order your Reduxx TrimSuit online.



summer barbequeIt’s official, school is out, and summer is here. It’s time for barbeques, pool parties, and vacations. However, you may not be ready for swimsuits and shorts yet. That’s where Reduxx TrimSuit can help.All you have to do is put the suit on either by itself or under your everyday wear, and you’re ready to go.

Hiking becomes a high intense work out, or you can sweat it out on a simple walk around the park. Wear it while you play sports with your children of the summer break or while you’re making their beds. The suit can turn even the simplest of tasks into a high intense workout. This is because it has strtegically placed weights on core muscle areas to promote muscles building and weight loss.

Made from a quality surgical neoprene fabric, the Reduxx TrimSuit is a weighted suit designed to  work with your muscles to increase fitness. Every time you do any activity while wearing the TrimSuit, you push your body, which means your strengthen your muscles and burn lots of calories.

Unlike many weighted vests, the Reduxx TrimSuit is designed to fit your body. The suit comes in an 8-pound ensemble for women, a 10-pound ensemble for men. Losing weight has never been easier.

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Wear Your Gym With TrimSuit Resistance strength training has been effective over the last decade with regard to overall health, weight loss, prevention of injury and strength improvement. According to a study done by The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (JSCR), free form resistance training yields greater results in strength and balance.

Isolated actions in strength training might often limit results because natural body movement is not isolated.  The body moves using complex interrelated muscle combinations. Free form resistance training, such as training using the Reduxx TrimSuit, compliments these natural movements by adding weight to everyday actions.

The TrimSuit (@reduxxtrimsuit) allows you to wear your gym as added weight to your current workout routine or take your gym with you by wearing the weight suit under your normal clothes.  Resistance training can happen while checking off your grocery list or during your normal elliptical routine before heading into the office.

Don’t get bogged down in traditional workout methods. Keep moving and keep losing with the latest free form resistance training equipment and methods to see greater results in overall strength and balance. Your life isn’t fixed; your training shouldn’t be either.

Visit our online shop and start your healthier lifestyle today!

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TrimSuit & Household ChoresWhen people hear about generic weighted suits or see infomercials about similar products, many of them do not offer undivided attention. Part of the reason is because they feel the suits are for those who are serious about losing weight.

Let’s be honest, losing weight takes dedication and a lot of time that some people just don’t have. With the Reduxx TrimSuit, however, losing weight can be as simple as pushing a vacuum or watering the garden. Our revolutionary weighted suit is designed to serve as a gym in itself. In other words, when you’re wearing the TrimSuit, you’re wearing your gym.

The TrimSuit is specially designed to fit as a lightweight, stylish suit that you can wear either around the house performing chores or running routine errands around the city. Whatever task you’re doing, the TrimSuit intensifies the movement to where it tells the body it is receiving a workout. Doing the laundry in the TrimSuit can be equivalent of a regular workout!

Give the Reduxx TrimSuit a try today, and knock off unwanted pounds by simply doing your regular chores. For more information, give us a call, or visit us online today.

Visit our online shop and start your healthier lifestyle today!

TrimSuit and P90XP90X® currently is one of the most popular and most intense home workouts on the market. Pounds tend to shed quickly for any individual who seriously works with P90X.

Just imagine what would happen if a P90X customer did all the workouts while wearing the Reduxx TrimSuit. If you regularly wear the TrimSuit, you will burn more calories, and with a high-intensity workout like P90X, positive results can come at breakneck pace.

With the TrimSuit, you basically can wear your gym, whether it is worn by itself or underneath your clothes. The TrimSuit is designed enhance your fitness, and coupled with a program as extreme and as concentrated as P90X, the sky is the limit for fitness enhancement.

Contact us today to purchase your Reduxx TrimSuit today. Give us a call, or visit us online, and get ready for the ultimate workout!

Visit our online shop and start your healthier lifestyle today!